July 13, 2024


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Learn to count with Khan Academy Kids

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Learn to count with Khan Academy Kids

Learn to count with Khan Academy Kids, our early learning app for preschool through 2nd grade. Watch as Peck the Bird introduces children to the numbers 1-10 for a fun and educational counting adventure. Then, download the app for more math learning fun. It’s free!

The number 1

Peck has one helmet, one robot, and one awesome spaceship! Learn about the number one by counting these items with Peck!

Count to 2

How many hats are in Peck’s drawer? Help Peck count to two by waving a magic wand on Peck’s magical hats!

Count to 3

How many toys are in Peck’s toy box? Learn how to count to three by finding fun toy teddy bears in Peck’s toybox.

Count to 4

How many socks are in Peck’s dresser? Learn how to count to four by sharing Peck’s love of cozy socks!

Count to 5

How many fish are in the tank? The last number you say is the number of fish! Count to five out loud with Peck!

Count to 6

How many crayons are in the box? Count with Peck to the number six with colorful jumbo crayons.

Count to 7

How many balloons does Peck have for his party? Help Peck count to seven by with these cute party balloons!

Count to 8

How many soccer balls does Peck have? Learn to count to the number eight with Peck the soccer star!

Count to 9

What number is Peck thinking about? Count the numbers one through nine out loud with the colorful dots in Peck’s imagination. Great work!

Count to 10

How many toys are on Peck’s shelf? Learn the number 10 by counting all of Peck’s fun toys out loud. Which toy is your child’s favorite?

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