July 13, 2024


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Leading Like a Teacher with Miriam Plotinsky

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Leading Like a Teacher with Miriam Plotinsky

Miriam Plotinsky is a writer and instructional specialist who recently wrote the book Lead Like a Teacher: How to Elevate Expertise in Your School. She rejoins host Mike Palmer in a discussion about lessons in leadership by embracing empathy with what it’s like to teach and openness to the critical input that teachers can provide in a flourishing school culture.

We begin by welcoming Miriam back to the podcast with a nod to her previous appearance to discuss Teach More, Hover Less, her first book. From there, we dive into lessons for school leaders and for all of us on how to build psychological safety and trust with teachers as frontline workers. They are closest to where the learning happens and therefore deserve a seat at the table. Miriam walks us through practical tips in the book that build trust and drive engagement with teachers who are struggling in today’s complex world. We also hear a bit about Miriam’s next book Writing Their Future Selves while getting her quick takes on teaching writing in the age of Chat GPT. If you’re a teacher, a leader, or someone who wants to deepen your empathy and support for the frontlines of this noble profession, don’t miss this episode.

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