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How do I start a career as a student?

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How do I start a career as a student?

It’s a very powerful and important question – let’s explore.

The English word – career – derives from the ancient Latin word – carrus – a chariot.

So, let’s imagine that your life path and career are ahead of you – and you’re driving your chariot towards the life that you want.

Here are some questions for you to consider as you embark on your student career:

  • What do you want in life?
  • What fires up your passion and enthusiasm?
  • Do you want to play it safe or go for gold?

We all face the well-meaning voices of family, relatives, society and culture – “you should do this, you should do that”. So it takes introspection, courage and inner strength to carve out the life, career or business that you want.

Many students starting out on their student career are not 100% sure of what they want to do – and that’s OK. You may have chosen a course that interests you, or one that your parents or Career Adviser thought would  lead to a good job for you. Don’t worry too much if that’s where you’re at – life has a way of working out and everything you learn will stand you in good stead. I suggest that you watch Steve Jobs’ Stanford address on Youtube to hear his take on this.

The next step would be to describe a vision of your life for every five years of your journey. Where will you be by 2032? What would you have achieved in your work – your contribution, your friends and family, your physical possessions. How are you feeling about your progress?

It will help to draw a picture of your life vision horizon. Why? 

Because a picture is worth a thousand words. Once you have drawn a graphical vision for your life, career and achievements, put the graphical vision on your wall or fridge or bathroom mirror – somewhere where you’ll see it every day. Then when the going gets tough, as it will at times for sure, look at your life and career vision to steady yourself.

Few people have enough money to fund their life path learning in the early years so, after your student career, it’s OK to get an entry level job and let your employer pay to train you on the job.

My advice is to approach life as a journey during which you pick up experience and skills that will help you achieve the life that you envision. Only you know what that is.

And lastly, remember to listen to the quiet voice of your intuition, it will always guide you. 

Live life your way and GO FOR IT!

Author David Powell | Executive Coach & Facilitator
Founder of The Golden Thread Meda & Life Journey Skills

Author: David Powell

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