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Collaboration Skills Training Course Materials for the Workplace

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Collaboration Skills Training Course Materials for the Workplace

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These ‘Collaboration Skills’ training course materials are for corporate trainers to help employees (both managers and team members) understand which skills to develop for better collaboration at work, and how to foster a collaborative work environment.

These training materials, in addition to covering the general principles of collaboration and what skills are needed to collaborate in any environment, also include a section specifically on how to better collaborate in a virtual environment.

This training package is:

Collaboration teaching plans and PowerPoints

Samples from Course Materials

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Why Is It Important to Build Collaboration Skills in the Workplace?

When we talk about collaboration, we refer to collaboration at every level. So, collaboration happens not only between team members but also between:

  • a manager and their team
  • different teams,
  • and between different organizations.

This is especially true in today’s business environment, where inter-departmental collaboration is increasingly important and managers are often required to work with staff from different departments over whom they have no formal authority.

As a result, leaders need to develop a style of leadership that doesn’t just rely on formal authority.

The solution is a collaborative style of leadership, which works by influencing others through trust, good communication, mutual respect, and by setting a shared vision.

In addition, today’s workforce wants to be engaged and motivated. They want to be on board with a company’s shared vision, rather than just receiving directives from the top of the organization without explanations.

To be successful in today’s competitive world, organizations need to harness the power of collaboration by fostering a collaborative culture.

Training team members and managers on how to develop their collaboration skills is, therefore, crucial for a company’s success.

Some of the benefits of successful collaboration for an organization include:

  • Increased innovation
  • Better problem-solving
  • More employee engagement (and, as a result, lower staff absences, and turnover)
  • Increased efficiency and productivity

Our collaboration skills training course materials are designed to help employees develop their collaboration abilities and understand the importance of being able to collaborate effectively, both for the company and for their careers.

Why Should You, as a Trainer, Deliver Workshops on Collaboration Skills at Work?

Collaboration is one of those areas in corporate training that is always relevant and something that always needs developing.

So, by offering training sessions on collaboration skills, you will provide training on one of the most crucial parts of what makes a company successful.

These training materials focus on the foundations of collaboration and some of its core skills.

So, you can use these materials to run the first in a series of sessions that aim at improving communication and productivity in an organization.

Other training courses you can offer as part of the communication and productivity series include:

Why Buy Off-the-shelf Customizable Training Materials?

Whether you are running your training online or in person, there are several benefits of buying ready-to-use corporate training materials.

  • You save a lot of time. We have already done the research, created a lesson plan with the activities, and designed the materials (such as PowerPoint slides and handouts).
  • You can edit the materials as you like to adapt them to your audience and add your logo.
  • The materials are yours to keep and use for your own courses as you wish.
  • The training materials are available for you to download instantly as soon as you buy them.
  • Our training materials can be adapted for teaching as an online course if needed, using platforms such as Adobe Connect or Zoom.

Who Are These Training Course Materials for?

These corporate training materials on collaboration in the workplace are for corporate and freelance trainers to help staff and managers understand how to collaborate more successfully.

You may want to buy these course materials if you are:

  • A self-employed or corporate trainer who wants to offer his/her customers a session on one of the most essential skills for the workplace.
  • An HR department that has been asked to address issues of poor collaboration at work.

Individuals who will benefit include:

  • Team members to improve the way they collaborate
  • Managers and leaders to understand how to better collaborate with their staff and other managers
  • High-level management, to identify the importance of collaboration for the organization as a whole and how to create a collaborative organizational culture
  • HR departments to support the organization in developing a more collaborative work environment


1 day – for classroom training.

If you are delivering this course in virtual training, you can break it down into 1 or 2-hour modules to be delivered on different days.

The course is structured around its learning objectives, so every learning objective constitutes a sub-section of the course and you can easily break the course down into chunks if need be.

Training Materials Aim and Objectives

The aim of these training course materials is to help participants be able to identify and utilize different collaboration skills.

This employee training package is structured into five sections, which correspond to the learning objectives.

At the end of the course, your participants should be able to:

✔  Appreciate what it means to work collaboratively and its benefits.

✔  Identify and implement the skills that are needed for collaborative working.

✔  Find ways to develop a collaborative environment at work.

✔  Adapt collaboration skills for the virtual environment.

✔  Develop a collaboration skills action plan.

Delivery Method

The materials are designed for a trainer to deliver the course in a classroom setting (either in person or virtually).

However, we strongly believe that participants learn better if they are actively engaged.

So, we have made sure that the materials include enough activities, discussions, and Q&A opportunities for learners to participate actively.

Topics That Will Be Covered Include:

Identifying What Collaboration Is and Its Benefits

  • Discussion on what makes a team
  • Definition of collaboration
  • Types of collaboration
  • Collaboration benefits

Skills Needed for Successful Collaboration

  • The building blocks of collaboration
  • Four of the most essential skills for effective collaboration. So, we cover the basics of:
    1. Emotional intelligence
    2. Listening skills
    3. How to bridge the introvert-extrovert communication gap
    4. Time management
  • Tips on how to improve your collaborations skills

Please note: each of the 4 skills listed above deserves a training course of its own. However, in these training materials, we have covered the basics and we have included some activities that will help participants to start practicing them.

The key, in this course, is to highlight the connection between these 4 skills and the ability to collaborate and the reason why these skills are so important for successful collaboration.

If you need to run specific sessions on these skills, we have training materials that focus only on time management; active listening, and emotional intelligence.

Developing a Collaborative Work Environment

This section is aimed at leaders, HR departments, and anyone who has line management or strategic responsibilities. Depending on your audience, you can use this part or not. This part includes:

  • How different parts of the organization can contribute towards creating a collaborative work environment.
  • Collaborative leadership

Collaboration in a Virtual Environment

  • Extra challenges of virtual collaboration
  • Virtual collaboration tools ideas and suggestions
  • Good virtual communication practices

Creating a Collaboration Skills Plan

This section contains a step to step guide on creating a personal collaboration skills development plan, supported by a handout for participants to use.

With this Course, Instantly Download:

✔  44 PowerPoint  slide deck (includes tutor notes on each slide)

✔ 74-page Trainers workbook

✔  Course documents (including sign-in sheet, course evaluation sheet, and course outline)

✔ Participants’ workbook, which includes a list of further readings.

✔ Three handouts: a collaboration skills action plan; a document highlighting introvert v extrovert behaviors and survival in the Arctic activity handout.

✔  Course certificate (printable to hand to participants)

✔ A PDF guide with suggestions on how to adapt the activities for teaching the course online, if you ever need to.

Documents are delivered using MS Word, PDF (in case you do not have MS Word), and PowerPoint.

Teaching goal setting ppt PowerPoint slides
Life planning pdf

American & British English Compatible

Suitable for both American English & British English styles.

  • We have avoided any words that can cause confusion between American and British English styles such as soccer/football.
  • We have used terms that are common in both and we have used the American style for a few words where a ‘z’ rather than ‘s’ is used i.e. materialize.


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