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5 Best Teacher Planners | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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5 Best Teacher Planners | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Following requests from multiple readers, I went ahead and curated for you what I think are some of the best teacher planners in Amazon. There are numerous web tools that you can use to create your own customized teacher planners but if you rather avoid the hassle of doing the task yourself you may want to check the collection below. 
These teacher planners offer a wide variety of planning and organizational features that will help you set up your school year for success. These include: monthly and weekly planning pages, a yearly overview, sections for recording notes and important events, special dates sections, inspirational teacher-themed quotes, and many more. For lesson planning resources, I recommend these collections of lesson planners and pre-made lesson plan templates.

1. Schoolgirl Style Black

This 128-page spiral planner helps teachers organize their lesson plans, daily tasks, grades, and goals. The planner includes a checklist system to help with recording grades, homework completion and attendance. It also features a Notes section where teachers can keep track of important events and activities. ‘The Weekly Monthly Planner Features 116 Organizational stickers, including 16 tab stickers, 9 to-do list stickers, 21 accent stickers, 64 reminder stickers, and 6 note stickers to organize and keep track of progress with ease’.

2. Bloom daily planners Undated Academic Year Teacher Planner & Calendar

This teacher planner embeds 12 monthly views and 60 undated vertical weekly planning pages together with supplemental pages made of ‘1 personal info page with yearly mission statement, 1 how to use your planner page, 1 info for the sub page, 2 student information page, 2 contact logs, 1 website logins page, 1 field trip planning page, 2 graph paper pages, 8 gradebook spreads (26 rows for assignments & 34 slots for students per spread), 2 important dates & birthday tracking pages, 1 year in review page’. Dividers in Bloom teacher planner include hand-lettered ‘teacher quotes on alternating seasonal patterns’.

3. Teacher Planner by Maalbok

This stylish teacher planner includes 12 monthly and weekly pages for instructional planning and scheduling. The monthly view offers ‘marked major holidays, ample writing space, note sections and inspirational quotes’. The weekly view  features ‘5 work days section, marked with the specific date and with ample writing area for your teaching planning.’ other features provided in this teacher planner include ‘2022-2024 Holidays; Quick Reference Information; Class Birthdays & Special Dates; Weekly Activity Schedule; Monthly View Pages; Weekly View Pages; Inner Tabs;Inspirational Quotes.’

4. Teacher Planner by Coboll

This teacher planner is sized 8 x 10 providing ample space for recording plans and notes. ‘The lesson planner include Weekly & Monthly View Pages + Special Dates + Inspirational Quotes + Yearly Overview + 2022-2023 Holidays Reference + Quick Reference Information + Inner Tabs’.

5. Schoolgirl Style Hello Sunshine Teacher Planner

The Schoolgirl teacher planner includes a monthly and weekly planning pages plus  yearly overview. ‘from July to June and 40 horizontal weekly layouts for lesson planning, goal planning, scheduling extra-curricular activities and more. The all-in-one plan book also includes additional record-keeping pages, checklist pages and note pages for collecting contact information, birthdays, homework and more.’

6. Teacher Planner by Artfan

This teacher planner is made up of 12 monthly-ruled monthly pages with notes section and inspirational quotes, 53-week ruled weekly pages, a yearly overview, info pages, class special dates, holidays, and many more.

7. Teacher Planner by Journalistic Store

This teacher planner ‘features 12 months of monthly & weekly planning pages for easy academic planning and scheduling. It starts from July 2022 to June 2023, which can be used at just the right time as well help teachers to organize and schedule their plan effectively. Moreover, size of this 2022-2023 teacher planer is 8″ x 10″, which is large enough for your scheduling and appointments.’

8. Carson Dellosa Large Academic Teacher Planner

This teacher  planner is composed of 96-page-spiral-bound planner and is ideal for ‘organizing daily, weekly and monthly schedules, activities, and notes while also preparing for the year at a glance.’ Other features provided by Carson Dellosa teacher planner include the ability to ‘set your goals in the monthly planners and record steps for completion in the weekly sections. Use the professional development section to track conferences and other important professional meetings and goals.’

9. Teacher Planner: Flexible Lesson Planning for Any Year

‘Bring order to classroom chaos with help from The Teacher Planner. Complete with sections for important dates, a student roster, parent contact information, and weekly and monthly lesson plans, this planner has all the brilliantly designed organization you need. It’s perfect for all teachers (at school and at home), and features blank grids to provide a simple, straightforward space for planning lessons for up to six core subjects. Use it year-round and over multiple semesters for the most flexible lesson planning and classroom structure.’

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