March 5, 2024


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Labor Day Special – The Teacher Insurgency with Dr. Leo Casey

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Labor Day Special - The Teacher Insurgency with Dr. Leo Casey

Our final Best of Trending in Ed for the summertime showcases a discussion with Dr. Leo Casey about his book, The Instructor Insurgency.

Mike welcomes Dr. Leo Casey, the Government Director of the Albert Shanker Institute who has penned a guide known as The Instructor Insurgency: A Strategic and Organizing Perspective. They begin with Leo’s upbringing by two New York Metropolis academics, how he deserted his dissertation to teach in Crown Heights, and how he started operating with the union when his school shut down.

Leo then started to head the Albert Shanker Institute, a strategic think tank in just the American Federation of Academics which examines labor background, especially for lecturers. Leo clarifies the origins of the 2018 and 2019 instructor strikes: the Janus circumstance, write-up-2008 austerity, deprofessionalization, and movements like the Women’s March on Washington. Academics noticed both their payment as well as their posture in the classroom going through fast drop.

The to start with teacher’s strikes have been held in West Virginia, which experienced a history of the labor movement–both in just schooling and beyond. From listed here the strikes spread, and in the long run the movement was effective in defending lecturers through COVID-19 periods (in this context, MIke briefly mentions Leo’s short article on Black Life Matter and the NBA.)  

Leo notes his issue about both of those the early retirement of lecturers and the paucity in the pipeline for new teachers. Leo also expresses optimism for the Biden-Harris administration, notably President Biden’s support of unions. Leo finishes up by speaking about the discourses all-around how instructors see them selves, and the require for accurate civics teaching.

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