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Ideas for Using Chatbots (ChatGPT, Bard, Bing) for Personal and Educational Use

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Ideas for Using Chatbots (ChatGPT, Bard, Bing) for Personal and Educational Use

I’ve been exploring generative AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Bard to perform a variety of entertaining, innovative, and practical tasks. Experiencing chatbots firsthand allows you to envision their potential in teaching and learning more effectively. Here are some ways I’ve utilized chatbots, which can also be adapted to support student learning in the classroom.

Providing Feedback:

If you’re uncertain about how a piece of writing (e.g., an article, email, or webpage) comes across, you can consult a chatbot. They can offer feedback, adjust the tone, make suggestions, and more.   

Crafting Content for Surveys and Evaluations:

Looking to survey a class or develop an evaluation? Simply ask a chatbot to help you create one. 

Identifying Donors:

I assisted a friend in finding donors for a social justice non-profit she was fundraising for. By sharing the organization’s focus and highlighting those who received recognition from the group, the chatbot suggested potential companies and contacts within those companies. As a result, I provided her with an extensive and tailored donor list. 

Recommending Recipes:

Before traveling, I often want to use up random ingredients in my refrigerator. By inputting those ingredients into a chatbot, I’m presented with numerous inventive recipe ideas. 

Brainstorming Date and Activity Ideas:

Chatbots are an excellent resource for generating fun ideas, whether you’re exploring a new city, seeking a local adventure, or planning a field trip. To personalize the suggestions, consider adding personality types and traits of the participants. Then, choose your favorites and pick one at random to try out. 

Need a schedule for a sports activity, stations in a classroom, or times to confer with all students in your class? Ask a chatbot. They’ll have something to you in no time and it can quickly and easily be updated or revised via a prompt. 

Drafting Agendas:

Need an agenda for a meeting or training? Tell the chatbot your objectives, duration, and if there is a certain source where you may want it to grab activities from. It will craft a great draft.

Reading Assistance:


Ask it to summarize a chapter or news story. If you share the url, it will give you a summary, even if you don’t have a subscription. 


Change the Reading Level:

Enter writing content (e.g. original writing, news story, webpage information) and ask it to change the reading level so that it is appropriate for the reader.   

Writing Assistance:

Generative AI chatbots are popular for writing support, and I’ve used them extensively in this capacity. Here are some writing tasks that generative AI has helped me with:

Improve This:

I often take emails, blog posts, plans, lessons, agendas, etc. and ask the chatbot to improve it. If the audience is for one person and I know their personality type, I’ll share that and tell it to make the writing appealing to a person with that personality type. 


Even without prior scriptwriting experience, I learned the style and structure by collaborating with a chatbot. For instance, I created a humorous Seinfeld script featuring my boyfriend and me, using our Myers-Briggs personality types for authenticity.

Blog Posts:

When I have a blog post idea, I input the topic into Bing Chat, Bard, or ChatGPT and request a draft in my blog’s style. I can then refine the content by asking for additions, corrections, or adjustments.

Social Media Posts:

Chatbots help me craft engaging social media posts, complete with emojis and hashtags. I specify the call to action, audience, and tone for a tailored result.

Lesson Plans:

Chatbots excel at generating and customizing lesson plans. To get the best outcome, provide a preferred lesson plan format when making a request.


With generative AI’s assistance, I’ve written songs in various styles and gained an understanding of song structure. I’ve created fun tunes about personal experiences, like playing beach volleyball with friends or singing about my dog.


Co-create customized poems for friends or family on special occasions. By incorporating fun memories and personal details, you can create a heartfelt poem that’s more meaningful than a store-bought card.   




I used generative AI to create a personalized, grade-level-appropriate children’s book. After sharing the interests and activities of two brothers, I requested an action-adventure story and generated images using Bing Image Creator. The children’s excitement upon receiving the story was priceless.

Result for children’s book from
the Bing image creator 

Generative AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Bard have the potential to transform the way we approach creative and practical tasks, both in our personal lives and in educational settings. By harnessing their capabilities, we can enhance our own creativity, improve our writing skills, and optimize our productivity. Embracing the power of AI chatbots not only opens up new avenues for personal growth, but also paves the way for more engaging and dynamic learning experiences in the classroom. 

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