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How to choose a career path

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How to choose a career path

Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions young people make in their life. From investing time and efforts to funding their studies, career decisions define how your professional life will start and progress throughout the years. 

Julie Medeiros, a founder of Miss M Online Classes shares ways to help today’s students choose their career path.   

As a business professional with a sound career in corporate business, my advice is to follow your passions.

In the ever changing world, the only way to succeed as a person and an expert, is to draw on your strengths and natural talents. Therefore, it is important to understand what you are good at and what comes to you naturally.

Once you have a clear picture, see where and how those talents can be applied. For instance, if creativity is your strength, you may want to explore professions that require amazing creative skills, such as playwriting, digital or industrial design to name a few.

Visit a few workplaces, talk to people from those professions about their career journeys, ask what inspires them and what challenges they come across. Read job requirements on job hunting websites to learn about employers’ expectations. Search online interviews of people from the area you are interested in to understand the hidden side of their roles. Check market trends of the industry to understand which direction it heading to and what skills may be required in the future.

Australian research predicts that future employees will have on average 18 different jobs over 6 distinct careers due to shorter length of time workers stay in their role. Thus, to keep employability and increase the value of your resume, you need to pursue lifelong self-education and be ready to upskill yourself through corporate trainings and independent learning. 

One piece of advice I’d like to share is – don’t choose a career path based on earning prospects. You can achieve amazing success in any area, including financial remuneration, if you dedicate efforts to be able to offer unique expertise in the field you choose to pursue. For that to happen, you need to have curiosity to acquire new knowledge, be observant how different departments of a company contribute to bigger goals and draw on your true passions that will inspire and fulfil your future career aspirations.

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Author: Julie Medeiros

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