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Classroom Resources for Teaching Students with Autism

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Classroom Resources for Teaching Students with Autism

Understanding the diversity of your students — and finding ways to support their unique needs — is the foundation for building a positive learning environment where all students can thrive. While there’s no one-size-fits all approach for teaching any individual student or group of students, finding a wide variety of classroom resources to support autistic students can help you better accommodate neurodiverse students and ultimately build more inclusive classrooms. Here are activities you can use as a starting point to support autistic students in your class.

8 Classroom Resources for Autistic Students in Elementary School

Check out these teaching resources and activities, which can be used by educators and caregivers in the classroom or at home. 

Community Schedules Life Skills Worksheets for Teens and Adults

Reading Community Schedules Worksheets Distance Learning by Adulting Made Easy aka SpedAdulting
Not Grade Specific | Life Skills, Basic Reading

Hands to Self Social Story and Comprehension Check

A Social Story for Social Skills and Behavior by Noodle Nook
Not Grade Specific | Life Skills, Character Education

Preschool Math Worksheets

Preschool Math Worksheets (0-20) Adapted for Autism, Special Education by Educarebrusa
Grades: PreK-Kindergarten | Math


Donut Emotions Matching File Folder Game

Donut Emotions Matching File Folder Game by Limars Stars
Grades: PreK-Kindergarten | Social Emotional Learning

Same and Different: Sort and Classify Mega Bundle

Same and Different Shapes MEGA BUNDLE 7 Sets | Distance Learning by Primarily Learning
Grades: PreK-1st  | Math, EFL – ESL – ELD

Writing Sentences, visually based for students with autism

Writing Sentences for Students with Autism by Totally Autism
Grades: Kindergarten-3rd | English Language Arts, Writing

Shape up your friendships social skills

Distance Learning Social Skills for Autism: Shape Up Your Friendships! by Katrina Bevan
Grades: 1st-3rd | Life Skills, Speech Therapy

Conversation social skills activity

Conversation Skills Story | Conversation Skills for Autism by The Gift of Gab
Grades: 4th-8th  | Speech Therapy

3 Classroom Resources for Autistic Students in Middle & High School

If you’re looking for ways to support autistic students in middle and high school, check out these resources, which focus on executive function and practical life skills.

executive functioning lessons and activities

Executive Functioning Lessons – Distance Learning and Google Classroom by Pathway 2 Success
Grades: 5th-8th | Life Skills

Life skills worksheets

Grocery Store Life Skills Worksheets – Special Education and Autism Resource by Adapting for Autism
Grades: 6th-12th | Study Skills

Differentiated next dollar up worksheets

Next Dollar Up Worksheets: Distance Learning Compatible by Autism Classroom Resources – Christine Reeve
Grades: 7th-10th  | Math, Life Skills

For more ideas on how to support autistic students in the classroom, check out this blog post.

This blog, originally published in 2020, has been updated for 2023

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