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19 Hilarious Pi Day Memes To Celebrate the Unofficial Holiday

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19 Hilarious Pi Day Memes To Celebrate the Unofficial Holiday

Pi Day is right around the corner! Join your class in celebrating this special occasion with 19 hilarious Pi Day memes curated in one place. So sit back, relax, and have a piece of pie with your pi on March 14!

1. Mind = Blown

Pi reversed is pie meme!

If you flip around the number 3.14, it looks like the word “Pie”! Where do the Pi Day analogies end?!?

Source: Digital Mom

2. A bit literal …

A pie with the crust spelling out the digits of Pi

It looks like someone didn’t get the memo that the lack of an “e” in “pi” isn’t a typo.

Source: Buzzfeed

3. For the ignorant folks in your life

Batman slapping Robin with Robin saying Happy Pie Day.. and Batman says It is Pi.

Send the person who made that “pi” pie this meme as the perfect response. A whole day for pie?!? In your dreams! And in mine …

Source: Distractify

4. And for the smarties

Here's to being irrational!! Happy Pi Day!

For the scholar, Pi Day is the perfect excuse to be irrational for the sake of the holiday.

Source: Digital Mom

5. Two reasons to celebrate the day

Albert Einstein and the words I don't always eat Pi... But when I do, It's my birthday

Fun fact: March 14 is not only Pi Day but also Albert Einstein’s birthday!

Source: Digital Mom

6. What a dilemma

Celebrate Pi Day or Einstein

Pi Day might also be the perfect day to introduce Albert Einstein’s accomplishments in the classroom … although students might be more interested in eating pie.

Source: Pop Sugar

7. The ones that get it get it

Homer Simpson Pi Joke

Homer Simpson would be that guy.

Source: Grade Calculator

8. So true, @MoonPie!

Monodie tweet saying Today is national pi day and I still have to work that's pretty messed up.

You know it’s true when a huge company like Moon Pie is complaining about having to work on such a holiday.

Source: @MoonPie

9. Send this to someone special

The words you are and a symbol of an acute angle, a cup of coffee, and the pi symbol, meant to mean cutie pie

Get it?

Source: Let’s Eat Cake

10. And send this to someone not very special

The words That's your and the pi symbol in between an onion, meant to mean that's your opinion

This is a personal favorite of mine. Opinion without “pi” is just an onion.

Source: Redbubble

11. Pi-eating contest

Comic strip of a guy eating the pi digits and saying Oh God when will it end.

Your least favorite pie/pi-eating contest to compete in. It quite literally never ends!

Source: Distractify

12. Classic dad joke

Tweet from Dadsaysjokes saying What do you call a snake that is exactly 3.14 meters long? A Python.

A “pi”thon. Only a dad would tell this joke. Obligatory laugh incoming.

Source: Distractify

13. Quite literal

A pie with a slice taken from it and the words Pie I have eaten, Pie I have not yet eaten.- pi day memes

What a great visual way to show a pie chart. And an excuse to bake a pie.

Source: Distractify

14. The impossible selfie

Numbers of pi lined up to take a selfie

Good luck trying to fit everyone into that phone screen. That selfie stick definitely won’t do enough.

Source: Off the Mark

15. Food fight!

People in doctor suits throwing pieces of paper with the symbol of Pi and the words Mathematician Food fights - pi day memes

This is the only type of food fight that you could have in the classroom without making a mess. It might cause a few paper cuts though!

Source: Jenny Can Cook

16. Life of the party

A drawing of the number 2 saying You're greater than me. I could listen to you forever. and the symbol of Pi saying aw, shucks. I'm blushing.

“2” says he could listen to Pi forever … too bad he literally has to.

Source: Digital Mom

17. Poor “6”

Drawing of the number 6 saying After you... to the digits of Pi and the words A decision Sharon came to regret.- pi day memes

“6” never made it to work that fateful day.

Source: Off the Mark

18. Pi can’t hurt you …

Words Therapist: Pi can't hurt you. Pi is not real. And then the symbols showing Pi does not equal 3

It haunts me at night.

Source: Reddit

19. Life of Pi

Words The Life of Pi. Not as interesting as you thought. And a picture of the symbol for Pi.- pi day memes

This movie was recommended to me so many times, but I honestly don’t get the hype. It’s a lot more boring than I expected. And the plot just kept going on and on …

Source: MemesMonkey

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Check out these 19 hilarious Pi Day memes to brighten up your day. Almost as good as eating a fresh slice of pie!

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